Express Bags, Inc., (EBI) is the leading bulk luggage transport company in the hospitality and travel industry. EBI has airport and port access in all of the markets we serve and that make us an appealing choice to the industry, as well as our peerless level of service. EBI facilitated the delivery of hundreds of thousands of baggage since 2010, without complaint.

We provide top quality service and exceptional reliability in bulk luggage transportation. Our motto is: "No job is too big or too small." We put the utmost importance in customer service, because we understand the impact of the customer/client bond. Once a company starts with us, they stay with us, due to our professionalism, kindness, and ability to deliver as promised.

the first smile upon greeting a passenger, to the last goodbye when I hand them their luggage in return.  Delivering seamlessly from airport to end point destination and back again, including all midpoint stops along the way.


When our customers have clients coming to any of the airports we serve, Express Bags, Inc., is the name they trust to handle the delivery of the luggage for their clients, be they normal travelers, celebrities, or professional sports franchises



We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your luggage transportation needs. 

Over fourteen-plus years of experience in all facets of operations in providing for logistic services regarding bulk luggage transport.  I learned this business from the ground up, from the organization and planning to

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Many years of experience has allowed the company to become the leading logistics partners to all of our clients. In fact, the company has a bright future for growth, both in the present and the near future.

While the future success is exciting for Express Bags, Inc., we know that without our focus on customer service and logistical flexibility, none of it would be possible. So while we continue to grow, we keep our focus on the core values that will take us to our bright future.