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7500 Northwest 55th Street, Miami, FL, United States

Carlos J. Delgado, President/General Manager

Mr. Delgado possesses almost two decades of experience in the operations and management of handling goods, orchestrating delivery, training, and management of personnel. He began in the import/export industry for a major corporation and gradually ascended into the travel industry and baggage handling from airports, ports, hotel, and tourism related businesses. He is originally from Puerto Rico and relocated to Miami in 2007 with his family; he has since become well known and respected in the industry. He has a bachelor’s degree and further technical training, as well as extensive customer service experience.  Before becoming an entrepreneur and helping to establish Express Bags 2010, he gained vast experience working for Hanes, Luggage Express, and Airbus Alliance. Mr. Delgado prides himself in being able to foster positive business relationships and good report with his staff and professional associations.